Terms & Conditions

Our Promise :

We are firm advocates of our user’s safety, privacy and well-being. We are aware of the small percentage of incidents where the matches have led to users falling victim to criminal activity, we firmly believe any incident of misconduct or criminal behavior is something that should not be happening. We as a community make a promise to take care of our users with best of our capacities and provide a clean and smooth online dating experience.

How we keep our promise :

We have integrated world class automated and manual moderation and review tools, systems and processes - and invest significant resources - to prevent, monitor and remove inappropriate behavior (impersonation, harassment and more) from our app.

Our tools automatically detects fake profiles, inappropriate behaviour and any kind of misconduct that is not suitable to our community and take necessary measures to prevent them.

We DO NOT take harassment lightly and encourage you to report any instance of misconduct and/or anyone who violates our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, using the report profile tool under all Spooner profiles or by contacting us through given contacts. We take urgent and strong measures against all of your complaints in best of our capacities and ask for your co-operation to keep the community safe and happy place.